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Press Release

Southard Reid are proud to present three recent works by London based Sam Belinfante, an artist and musician working with a range of media to explore the areas between the visual and the auditory.

Belinfanteʼs film The Taos Hum, 2010, is in part a study of a hum, inaudible to most, but heard by a significant proportion of Taosʼ local population. Taos is a town in the north-central region of New Mexico, with a population of around 4,000, and is a haven for artists and new-age lifestyle. D.H. Lawrence visited several times in the early 1920s, as did Georgia OʼKeeffe. The film positions sound as the central motif with ʻthe humʼ becoming a counter-melody to a chorus of voices offered by the landscape and its inhabitants. Belinfante lived in Taos for several weeks, taking part in a local radio interview, musical instrument-making, sonic healing and the local church choir.

With Drip Piece, first installed in 2008, Belinfante follows a lineage of musical works that deploy the sound of water. George Brecht and John Cage composed using water, especially drawing on its connection to random movement. The live sound of a dripping tap from a room connected to Southard Reidʼs gallery space generates a complex composition heard through speakers in the gallery. Like the hum in Taos, the drip sound is out of the listenerʼs (and artistʼs) control and the piece works to heighten this sense of indeterminacy, and its facility to annoy, even torture.

Improvisation With Drum Sticks is a suite of six etchings made by Belinfante having drummed directly on to a waxed copper-plate and printed from it six different times. The plate was increasingly covered by drumming marks and eventually destroyed, resulting in the etchings as a score that document the initial improvisation.

Sam Belinfante was born in Cheltenham in 1983. He graduated from his BA at Leeds University and from an MA at Slade School of Art in 2008. His work has been included in recent group exhibitions, Cage Mix: Sculpture and Sound at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and in REMAP at the Athens Biennale in 2009. The Taos Hum was also screened along with a live performance at the Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge in September 2010