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Here we are again, ANOTHER SHOW-OH! (SOLO at SR-ooo!!!***$%££) what’s new? What’s this NJx thing? Like a signature, a brand or a branding? Or like a quick text, heartfelt of not. Does it sound like eNJoy a bit? Or more like a piss-poor resignation...signed off with a little kiss to you clever and sexy arty-types. x

This is Neal’s 3rd solo show at SR and he’s tired now. The paintings that were grounded in the dying landscape now include some desperate interior cartooning, with brushwork a-pathetico. Wizards, old hippies and medieval pilgrims walk around wet mushroom houses and colourful tribes people. There is a fungal feeling of changing states and nearby death, marbled biology and joyous befuddlement. Log heads, some barely carved and simply painted, speak for themselves. Possibly wood spirits, guardians or just some of Neal’s strange nature-friends.

This is VERY old-fashioned painting and sculpture, almost prehistoric, certainly basic and direct. Here is a world of transitory peasant-objects, some decorated with pig faces and wandering monk/geeks. All of this antique imagery, like a nearly extinct species now, rarely spotted in our over-designed and lifeless computer plazas, where slippery bankers and shiny advertisers plan their next cool illusion.

Neal is currently packing his painting life into a damp and vulnerable garage in North London and will soon travel round on a bicycle looking for somewhere affordable and ok to live, maybe painting again one day if he’s lucky, and you are ;)

NJ2014 x


Neal will probably not be standing around like a lemon at the PV, this invitation is just to let you know that his recent work/ideas will be exposed at Southard Reid in Soho, London for a while. Also on show is a catalogue documenting the new work, his allotment and studio life in pictures, with a written portrait by Paul Ewen and new essay by Neal. There will also be some new furniture, paintings and word paintings at Miart, Milan 28-30 March 2014 (oooo)

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