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IS an aesthetic: sensual and philosophical.

IS a preference for the outdoors and LIFELINESS.

IS an attempt at TRADITIONAL landscape intoxication, FOLK ART cloddishness, and SWEET RELIGIOUS colour and formality.

IS an attempt at strange painterliness, good honest manufacturing, pleasure, recycling and poor hope.

IS marbling and slippage, surprising detail, errors welcomed in like strangers, balance, grungeiness and ECO love.

IS a self deprecating description of ME as left wing greeny, spouting hippy bollocks.

IS a potential new term for a species indifferent to advertising platitudes, business and media tartistry.

IS trying to get beauty to make friends with ugliness.

IS ok about life that includes comedy and death.

IS whether you like it or not.

IS a description of all perceived to be lower than ourselves.

ALL the same: cats, worms, flies, humans: all funny, all needy, all greedy, all passing by.


To coincide with NATURE SCUM, Neal has written a small book on art/life called MY ART SHAME.
Limited editions: some signed, some written on, some glitter kissed by the artist are available at: