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Press Release

Southard Reid is proud to present Frequently Asked Questions, Hany Armanious’ second solo exhibition with the gallery.

The show comprises of work from three recent series’, where Armanious continues his practitional meditation on the processes of making and presenting. This can be traced from selection, a moment of recognition usually of an object or remnant close to hand, through his reproduction of it, and eventual re-presentation.

Works in the show are either meticulously cast facsimile in resin : small, rolled blobs of Blu Tack, scattered over gallery walls in a loose following of old nail marks, clustered house candles in partially burned states, or carpets digitally printed in enlarged scale from scribbles made by Armanious’ four year old son. Each series involves Armanious’ assertion of a break in the function of the original, near invisible in its identified functionality and ubiquity, through processes of transformation awakening both the object and the act of viewing.


Hany Armanious was born in Eygpt in 1962 and grew up in Australia, where he currently lives. He has exhibited widely throughout Australasia, Europe and United States over the past two decades, including representing Australia in the 2011 Venice Biennale with his exhibition The Golden Thread, later touring to MUMA, Melbourne. Other solo exhibitions include Hollow Earth, Michael Lett, Auckland, New Zealand, 2016; Pavilion sculpture commission for City of Sydney, Australia, 2015-16; Selflok, City Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, Hany Armanious, Galerie Allen, Paris, France, 2014; We Go Out Inside, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2013; Fountain, sculpture commission for Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia, 2012; Running Man, Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples, Italy, 2009; The Oracle, Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, USA, 2008; The Centre of the Universe (Central Core/Hard Core/Soft Core), Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 2004; Selflok, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA, 2001. Selected recent group exhibitions include Australian Painting, Minerva Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2015; On the Devolution of Culture, Rob Tufnell, London, UK, 2014; Hany Armanious, Patrick Hartigan, Neal Jones - In the House of Martha and Mary, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2013; Mutatis Mutandis, Secession, Vienna, Austria, 2012.